Monday, April 5, 2010


Our first stop in our Italian adventure: Bergamo. We spent Easter Monday exploring the citta alta, which was packed with like-minded Italians doing the same (today's a major holiday). The old city is perched atop a hill, and we rode the funicular train to get to the top.

Italy is just so darn tasty . . . we're trying hard not to gorge ourselves, but it's difficult, even for the girls. Ava ate so much pizza last night, she complained that her tummy hurt.

I mean, look at what we're up against. The line was out the door for this place. We enjoyed our take-out in the main piazza.

And then of course, we had our gelato.

Naturally, we'd need a snack later, so we bought a delicious polenta e osei (polenta and bird) cake--a Bergamo specialty. Not actually made from polenta, just made to look like it, with little molded marzipan birdies atop. The center of the cake is a creamy hazelnut concoction. We loved it! We'll have to track down a recipe.

Bergamo rooftops

Ava insisted on her photo with the lion.

We took an elevator ride up the tower to gain this nice perspective.

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