Saturday, April 10, 2010

Venezia - Venice

Venice! We really loved our two days exploring this amazing city on the water.

Venetian "streets", full of water taxis, water buses, gondolas, etc.

Being goofy.

Daddy's romantic gondola ride.

St. Mark's square

The view from the bell tower (campanile) at Piazza San Marco.

It finally happened . . . a bad meal in Italy. We knew it was coming in Venice, which is notorious for tourist-trap food. Photo compliments of Ava.

Charlotte watches intently as mommy adopts local custom and talks with her hands.

Detail of the Doge's Palace.

Audrey's reaction when asked to step away from the water. I was relieved to learn that the canals are quite shallow, so I was all set to jump in feet first should occasion arise.

And Venetian masks for souvenirs (Audrey's is purple, mine is blue, and a little baby one for Charlotte, too).

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  1. What delicious photos - seeing the beautiful girls and breathtaking scenery made me cry. Love you all, Gigi