Sunday, April 11, 2010


The magnificent Duomo in Milan. Our last stop in Italy.

We managed to find a ward in Milan, so we went to sacrament meeting, and then to the Duomo. (I really enjoyed singing Easter hymns in Italian). We got lost trying to find the church with The Last Supper, and ended up eating lunch at another church that was having a fundraiser . . . it was fun 'crashing' this Italian parish, eating homemade lasagna and risotto with the locals.

Audrey tests the bed at the Westin in Milano . . . what a beautiful, classy hotel (and the only hotel we had in Italy that provided washcloths--not even the Hilton in Venice had them). Schatzi has mastered the art of researching online to find out the exact hotel hotwire will give you in its 4/5 star category . . . he's scored some ridiculously cheap accommodation this trip.

The girls love hotels . . . all the free pens and stationary, multiple phones, t.v.s . . . it's the perfect play place and they waste no time setting up their offices. Daddy brought us some fabulous take out including pasta fagiole that was "just like Nana Doc's". Charlotte loved it!

One last gelato for the road. On the way to the airport, we had to stop at one of Schatzi's approved artigianale gelato shops. The nerve-wracking race to the airport afterward was totally worth it. Oh Italy, we're missing you already!

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