Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tabara Postavaru (Ski Camp)

Ava has returned triumphant from her week-long ski camp at Poiana Brasov. Here's some of what we, the less fortunate ones who had to stay home, missed out on:

Ski buddies: Kaspar, Teodora and Ava

Mrs. Pic kept us apprised of Ava's doings via online chats once the kiddies were in bed: One day she described Ava as "eating like a wolf", the next day it was "like a bear."

Ski school

Ava crashed into Kaspar during one of her "runs."

Morning drills

Down, but not out

Relaxing (aka watching tv) in the "mess hall"

As if skiing by day weren't enough, check out the kiddie disco that rocked the cabin by night.

I just had to post another. We can't stop smiling watching 5 -7 year olds rock out.

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