Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Week Without Ava or the Adventures of Audrey & Charlotte

Ava came home today from a week long ski camp. Boy, was I glad to see that girl. We all were. While Ava was learning to ski, Audrey was home (no school) with mommy and Charlotte. We kept busy, as you can see:

Goodbye Ava, hello chocolate: Audrey started and ended her week with chocolate macaroons

Charlotte models Audrey's ski helmet

Of course, we spent time at the mall (Charlotte's enjoying the chocolate fountain sample)

Audrey enjoyed being the exclusive big sister: Charlotte sits on her lap while watching a video

Audrey teaches Charlotte more tricks (while eating chocolate sundaes)

Charlotte, a quick student

Tubtime, just the two of them

Playing at Kidi Coaf Club while mommy got her hair cut

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