Tuesday, October 20, 2009

St. George


My favorite part of dinner was the gypsy trio that serenaded us with Hungarian Dance No. 5 at St. George, an Hungarian restaurant in the Lipscani district of the city. That dark moustache on the violinist . . . so intriguing.

Oh yes, the food was very tasty (and could I eat dinner without my lemonade? No. Sweetened with honey and garnished with orange and lime slices. Foarte bine!) For starters, hortobagyi hungarian pancakes and fried camembert with apple, then goulash for Schatzi and a traditional chicken dish with a spiced sour cream sauce for me.

As the weather has cooled, the streets are no longer teeming with people at night like they were last month. Most of the construction trenches in this area have been filled, with only a few errant pipes sticking out of the ground that you have to be careful not to trip over. Progress. It's very exciting to observe the dramatic changes taking place in a city with so much room for improvement and growth. I'm glad we got here in time to see the cobblestones before they disappear.

Hungarian Dance no. 5 - Brahms

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