Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aufwiedersehen Wien!

After a perfectly wonderful holiday, we had to say adieu:

Goodbye friends! (That's Chad's first companion from his mission! We went to church and had family home evening together, shared several meals and even had a sleepover! Dankeschoen Helmut & Julia!)

Tchuess Haus der Musik!

See you in Istanbul Scott!

Later boyfriends!

Goodbye toy stores! (I think we hit just about every single one!)

Come see us in Buc, oh sweet stroller friendly elevators and escalators! (Chi Chi, one of Audrey's toy purchases rides the escalator in the subway station.)

Schnitzel Queen kisses it goodbye!

Please just one more for the road!

So long makeovers on the streets of Vienna.

'Til next time gingerbread houses.

Bye-bye hotels!

Ciao, Strassenbahn.

Auf Wiedersehen Schoenbrunn.

Ta ta your Highness!

I'm going to miss you Krapfen and Apfelstrudel!

Au revoir, chandeliers.

See you next time, Vienna.

Hello Romania!

Rockstar is back . . . just moments off the the train in Bucharest, the fans whisked Charlotte away. They literally took off her booties and kissed her feet. Bine ati venit!

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