Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mini Ski Camp

While Daddy was in Istanbul, we went to the mountains January 6-9. The lodge we stay at, Cabana Postavaru, is very old (1800s) and well known in Romania. Getting there can be adventurous. When the gondola is not running, you might trek up the mountain on the Pisten-Bully, as the girls did.

Audrey at the wheel. Have mercy. No room for Charlotte and mommy, so we went up about an hour later with the lodge owner in his "tank", a Land Rover Defender. One of the scarier rides of my life thanks to the icy mountain path and lack of shocks. Once the Defender could take us no further, we were treated to a snowmobile run through the Romanian wild. In the dark, too. Don't worry, Charlotte didn't notice the bitter wind as she was sandwiched between the driver and me. Oh, if only I had a photo.

Ski school with friends from kindergarten.

Ava and ski instructor Paula.

Audrey went skiing with Paula too, but I don't have those photos yet (they're on a friend's camera.) I'll have to post an update when I get them. Both girls did great!

Romanian natural beauty as seen from the lodge.

Ava skiing. You'll hear her kindergarten teacher "Mrs. Pic" . . . at the end of the second clip she asks them to "stay there, I'll take a photo".

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