Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Kids & a 10 Hour Plane Ride

Lucky for us, the girls love airplanes, hotels and restaurants. The direct flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt was really quite delightful: we were served a steady stream of food and drink, Charlotte had a bed (just no clothes), and Hanna Montana was playing on the overhead monitors. Yes, about baby's clothes. Remember the photo shoot? Well, after that, I took off her blessing gown and she went to the airport in her diaper, no time to get dressed! Like a well prepared parent, I had abundant outfits for all the children in my carry on . . . which got checked. Chad had dropped us off at the airport first, while he then parked the car, so he checked in separately with my carry on which the airline made him check. Brilliant.

No worries, I had my trusty seamripper (do you travel without one?) in my purse, so I proceeded to fashion a gown for Charlotte out of the little airplane pillowcase. We may have started a fashion trend. Note how fetching the sleeves turned out.


  1. Do they let you on the plane with a seamripper? She looks ready to walk down a runway, fierce.

  2. The peeked sleeves! She looks like this little adorable elf!