Thursday, September 10, 2009

Under Construction

When we arrived last Saturday, Chad's co-worker Bogdan greeted us at the airport and told us he had some bad news: he had just found out that the street we live on is under construction. No problem, a new street is good news, no? "Yes, but this is Romania, this may take months."

Yes, so that convenient apartment parking garage that we were going to use for the company car is completely inaccessible. Naturally, we made our first grocery run in the rain and had to carry 500lei worth of groceries up the street and through the mud . . . but hey, none of the bags broke.

I am pleased to report that the construction (or destruction at this point) seems to be progressing rapidly . . . everyday there are more and more trenches dug up.

Sadly, I'm afraid the lovely old cobblestone streets will be replaced with new smelly black asphalt (the sidewalk is so already). I suppose there's just not the time or money for preserving the charm with pavers.

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